Attractions and activities

In one of the most picturesque landscapes, time runs differently

Our appartment guests often say that they feel as if time has somewhat stopped here. Everywhere you go, you will find yourself in the middle of a peaceful and untouched nature within minutes, offering many recreational opportunities, namely you can enjoy cycling, fishing, hiking or adrenaline-filled experiences.



Apartments and the Mašera rooms are an ideal starting point to enjoying an outing to the nearby mountains. You can walk on foot to the Tonovc Castle near Kobarid, put on hiking boots and go to the nearby Krn, Stol or Matajur mountains or treat yourself with a wonderful e-bike ride to the Kuhinja mountain.


Natural beauties

You can discover natural beauties at almost every step of the way. A must-see is the beautiful valley of the crystal clear Soča river, where you can enjoy fishing in the designated areas.

The Kobarid Historical Trail that connects important historical points and natural beauties  invites you to a unique adventure by taking you from ancient times to the First World War. Do not miss the many natural beauties along the way, such as the beautiful and photogenic Kozjak waterfall, and it is definitely worth stopping to visit the famous Napoleon bridge suspended over the Soča river, the Italian ossuary and the Kobarid Museum.

During the summer months, you can enjoy natural baths along the Soča and Nadiža rivers, where you can refresh yourself in the pearly clean water.

One of the popular attractions is the Koseška gorge. If you want to discover it, you have to take a well-organised circular walking path of approximately two hours.


Adrenaline-filled experiences

Kobarid has become known as the valley of adrenaline as you can experience a truly adrenaline-filled adventure here. Adrenaline water sports and canyoning come first in popularity, followed by adrenalin park visits and paragliding jumps, and all will surely raise your heartbeat.


Winter activities

Kobarid and its surroundings also offer many adventures in the winter. One of the most memorable is definitely skiing in the cross-border Kanin-Sella Nevea ski resort, which is the highest lying ski resort (over 2,000 ms) in Slovenia with views over the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. With an area of 70 hectares, it is one of Slovenia’s largest ski resorts and has as many as 30 km of ski slopes. The longest cable car in Slovenia takes you from Bovec.


By staying in Mašera you are provided with cheaper ski passes

Due to cooperation with the public institution Sončna Kanin, staying in our accomodation facilities – rooms or apartments – provides you with an additional benefit, e.i. cheaper ski passes for skiing on the Kanin mountain, hence considerable savings. You will receive more information when making booking.